Mushing with Sled Dogs

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Is dog mushing a good family sport?

Mushing with Sled Dogs

When sled dogs are mentioned, many people think of the demanding, 1,000-mile sled dog races such as the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. However, the sport of sled dog racing has shorter competitions that are more family friendly. The sprint races, with teams of three or four dogs, cover a relatively shorter distance of 4 to 25 miles. Families can also forgo the competition and enjoy recreational travel by dog team.



10/31/2006 9:20:43 AM
annie said:

We belong to a family oriented amateur club and race every winter weekend. It has a big family reunion feel to it, as we all catch up on what is going on with the dogs, kids and our lives. It is the most fun of anything I've ever done. Mushing is a great way to keep active all year round, but in the winter, there is nothing like traveling through the forests and fields on a dog sled. Our club also has a few summer events for us to get together, and we have Fall rig sessions for training together at various places around Michigan.


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