Therapy Dogs Make a Difference

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What is canine therapy work?

Therapy Dogs Make a Difference

Canine therapy work is open to a variety of dogs, mixed breeds, and purebreds alike. Therapy dogs are trained ambassadors of good will. They can make visits to hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric wards, or anywhere they can help provide some social company and cheer. Studies have shown that interaction with a friendly dog, especially for sick, recovering, or mentally distraught people, can help alleviate depression and speed recovery.



5/16/2009 1:54:00 PM
Janet said:

Hello. That's a great idea. How can I start this process and where can I find out how to start? Janet from Bay City Tx.
Note from the Life Tips editor: The first place to start is to get your dog "Canine Good Citizen" certified - check out the AKC website for this information. Depending upon the facility, some require Delta certification as well - their website is and they have a great at-home course you can do with your dog to certify him.


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