Body Language and Voice - Keep it Consistent

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How should I use body language and voice tones in training?

Body Language and Voice - Keep it Consistent

Successful dog training requires that your body language, including facial expressions and your tone of voice must be consistent with your commands to your canine. When praising your dog use a cheerful, higher pitched voice. When correcting your dog, speak in a firm voice and use a deeper tone. Remember to match your body language as well. Stand straight when giving a command. Be consistent and your dog will learn to understand you.



8/21/2009 12:59:03 AM
Melody said:

Should you train one dog at a time? I have 2 older chow mixes over 10 yrs old....they've adjusted to people and bicycles, but another dog leashed with master, they embaress the hell out of me, we have been working on this the past 7 weeks...wondering if I should be working with one at a time, versus having both with me, seems they thrive off eachothers energy instead of mine. I even sing to them to divert their attention...when I just want to cower in embarrassment.. Thank you


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