Carting with Canines

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What sports can I enjoy with my larger dogs?

Carting with Canines

If you are looking for a sport for a larger breed of dog, try carting! Carting is a canine sport in which a dog pulls a wagon filled with supplies or people. Some larger dog breeds were bred specifically for pulling small wagons such as milk carts. This work has evolved into an activity enjoyed today by breeds such as Rottweilers or Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs among others. Special carts and equipment are available for enthusiasts.



8/24/2007 2:17:16 PM
Anthony Curry said:

Carting is a sport I'm very much interested in. All the reserch that I've done has enlightened me to a new outdoor experense for me and my Mal. What I need I Info On finding a cart that one or two dogs can pull thats not to heavy or expensive. Are there sites that I can visit that will help in this search?

9/8/2007 5:39:14 PM
Jim Walsh said:

Carting is an EXCELLENT and mutually-beneficial activity for dog ansd owner alike. The dog gets to run, the owner gets to ride, plus walk up the hills, so useful exercise all round.


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