Dancing with Dogs

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Are there any dog sports set to music?

Dancing with Dogs

If you want to combine your love of dogs, music, dance and performance, then try a new activity called canine freestyle or musical freestyle. Canine freestyle is a choreographed set of moves where you and your pooch display skill and teamwork to the backdrop of music. You´ll really build a bond with your dog in this activity! There are two camps to canine freestyle: one showcases the artistry of the dog's movements and one emphasizes the handler and dog's movement together. Both are excellent forms of competition for dog lovers to become involved in. Many of the smaller, more agile breeds do fantastic in this sport such as Poodles, Chinese Cresteds, etc.



9/11/2007 4:43:15 AM
Sandra said:

I think that is cool....I love dancing with my "boys"...


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