Caring for Older Dogs

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What special care to older dogs need?

Caring for Older Dogs

As your dog gets older, his body will inevitably go through changes. Aches, pains, and muscle weakness are often a part of aging. To help your dog transition, consider various aspects of his life to help ease any discomfort. Give him amply padded bedding to accommodate any stiffness or discomfort he may feel. Keep him in a warm dry environment. Older dogs aren't able to regulate their body temperatures as well as their younger canine counterparts. Consider giving your canine a massage to help him relax and loosen stiff joints. For taller breeds, an elevated food dish may help alleviate any difficulties in reaching a floor level bowl. Feed him a diet specially formulated for older dogs that suits his needs for reduced calories. Take care to make sure that his teeth are in good form, free of plaque and tartar. And make sure that he gets sufficient exercise to keep him spry.



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