Toxic Items around the House

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What plants can be toxic for dogs?

Toxic Items around the House

Unfortunately, many common household products are toxic to your canine. To keep your beloved furry friend safe, do a safety check around the house to make sure that these products are out of your canine's reach:

• Insecticides
• Household cleaners and disinfectants
• Rat Poisons
• Antifreeze
• Human medications
• Chocolate

Animal poisoning by drugs such as aspirin type products is the most common case that poison control centers see. Antifreeze is the most common "outdoor" product. Keep your pooch out of trouble by keeping these and other hazardous products locked away.



4/24/2008 11:18:58 PM
Dorothy said:

Just how lethal is giving a very small but regular amount of chocolate to our dog is there? Also my significant other doesn't seem to think that chocolate is that bad for her!! Please tell me, rather him that it could KILL her!!! Thank-you ver much for saving our puparouba-ballerina-thumper Mclellan.


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