Kid Safety - Rules to Go By

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What do kids need to learn about dogs?

Kid Safety - Rules to Go By

Kids and canines at play can be great fun. But there are also dangers for a child who plays too rough with a dog or encounters an aggressive one. Here are a few guidelines teach your kids when they are around dogs:

• Never tease a dog by tugging at his ears, tail, or other means.
• Never approach a loose, unfamiliar dog to pet him.
• If you see a dog with his owner, always ask permission to pet the dog from the owner first.
• Never startle a sleeping dog.
• Never try to take away a dog's toy or food.
• Recognize that signs of growling, barking, or raised hackles are all a dog's warning signs, so stay clear!

In general, if your child is too young to follow directions, never leave him unsupervised with any canine.



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