I'll Drink to That

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What are the qualities of a good water bowl for a dog?

I'll Drink to That

There are a number of water dishes available for your dog on the market. You can choose from stainless steel bowls, plastic, ceramic, and elevated bowls. All are available in a variety of sizes and styles. In general, most dishes will do fine to hold water for your canine. However, here are a few considerations.

• Use a stainless steel bowl if your dog is prone to allergies or pimple outbreaks.
• Plastic tends to be more economical and lightweight.
• Ceramic bowls are heavier and may have less of a tendency to tip if you are concerned with a large breed or clumsy drinker.
• An elevated bowl may help a larger breed of dog that has to reach to get his drink or has tendencies to gulp air during meal times.



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