Q&A: Puppy Biting Problems

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Should I teach my dog to mouth gently or to never play bite?

Q&A: Puppy Biting Problems

Q: Should I train my Alaskan Malamute to mouth gently or not to play bite at all?

A: I am not a canine behaviorist but my husband and I have owned Siberian Huskies for many years. I believe you should work toward eliminating ANY biting, even so-called "play biting," as your dog has a very strong jaw. She could hurt someone by mistake by playing too hard. Most dogs get excited around new people including children, and a play bite could truly frighten a child.

Please check the Puppy Training and Safety tips categories for more advice on eliminating biting, nipping and so on. Try the approach given for "Eliminate Puppy Biting" under Puppy Training. You may have a bit of a challenge as your girl is already a year old. The easiest time to eliminate the behavior is in a puppy. But be firm, patient and consistent and you will make progress.



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