Puppy Strangles

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What is puppy strangles and is it contagious?

Puppy Strangles

Puppy strangles or juvenile cellulitis is a condition affecting young dogs between three to sixteen weeks of age where swelling, hair loss, and lymph node enlargement occurs. Occasionally, a skin infection occurs at the feet and face as well.

It is not known exactly what the cause of puppy strangles is, but it is believed that it is a deficiency of the immune system that is inherited. This is serious condition that can result in the death of a puppy if not treated. It is advised that if your puppy may have this condition to seek a veterinarian immediately.



4/15/2007 8:05:05 AM
Barb said:

Two weeks after purchasing my English Bulldog (18 days) she was treated for puppy strangles. What is the incubation period?


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