Prevent Dogs Eating Feces

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How can I stop my dog eating its poop?

Prevent Dogs Eating Feces

It is actually a fairly common occurrence for a dog eats his own feces, an act known coprophagia. Some dogs do it and some never will. There is no known cause for why this happens, though there are several theories. One theory suggests that the behavior stems from a dog's days in the wild when it was normal to devour all parts of an animal, including its feces. Another theory suggests that eating feces may provide some nutrients or aid in digestion. A third theory states that eating feces may simply be a sign of stress in some dogs.

To avoid this problem, you can clean up after your dog immediately so that he does not have an opportunity to dine on his own poop. There are commercial products on the market available that you can add to your dog's food to make the taste of his feces less desirable.



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