Volunteer Before You Adopt

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Is it possible to adopt a retired guide dog for the blind?

Volunteer Before You Adopt

Yes, there are a few good ways that you can find out if dog ownership is for you before you make the commitment.

One way is to become a foster caretaker for a dog. Often, the dog's food, medication, and health visits are covered by the organization that you are fostering for. Try you local animal shelter or rescue group for volunteer opportunities.

Another way is to simply volunteer for an animal shelter and become a dog socializer or handler. You'll have the opportunity to help train a dog, play with it, and take it on walks.

A third way is to become a puppy raiser for future guide dogs. You'll be in charge of socializing and raising these talented pups in preparation for their future careers.



8/11/2007 5:44:41 PM
Kim said:

This is a GREAT tip! We have had several people volunteer with us who later went on to adopt the dog(s) or cat(s) that touched their heart in a special way.

9/20/2007 8:21:23 PM
Linda Nelson said:

GREAT tip! Bravo!


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