Stop Digging Under Fences

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How can I stop a neighbor´s dogs jumping our fence into our yard?

Stop Digging Under Fences

A dog that tries to escape his yard may do so for various reasons. They may include separation anxiety from his owner, boredom, and seeking attention. Dogs are less likely to escape when they are neutered or spayed and when he has regular exercise to expend his energy. Some preventative measures include fixing and fortifying gaps in the fence and giving corrections to the dog when he is caught trying to escape.

When this dog is not yours and he is trying to enter your yard, then you have a more limited range of response. The best approach is to discuss the problem with your neighbor. Be diplomatic and non-confrontational. If possible, encourage him to become educated on canine behavior, reasons why a dog roams, and solutions to the problem. If fortifying your fence is an option try to discuss a way to work together to resolve any means of escape on your shared property line.



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