Q&A: Phenobarbital and Seizures

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How much phenobarbital should a dog receive for seizures?

Q&A: Phenobarbital and Seizures

Q: Is 130 mg of phenobarbital too much for a Norwegian Elkhound who weighs 49 lbs? She has suffered from multiple seizures. She just does not seem right since then. My mother is in the medical field and stated that 130mg of phenobarbital is a lot for a human being. I am just questioning the vet`s judgment.

A: You really need to ask another veterinarian for a second opinion if you are concerned about the recommendation of your own vet concerning medications. I have no veterinary training, and so cannot advise on questions like this. I was able to find a Web site for your on this substance that gives dosages for adult humans. This might assist you in talking about phenobarbital use with your own veterinarian or with a new one that you choose to visit.



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