Keep Records

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Why do I need to worry about record keeping?

Keep Records

Have a folder dedicated to your pet's health so his information is easy to access. You should keep an organized record of your dog's vaccinations so that you know if he's current on his shots. Keep records of any allergies to medications, names of any medications he may be taking, dates of veterinary exams, medical conditions, and surgeries. Also have the numbers to your dog's veterinarian in an easily visible location in case you need to call in an emergency.

Don't forget if you have pet insurance to keep copies of any claims in case there is ever a discrepancy with your insurance company.



4/24/2008 11:09:39 PM
Dorothy said:

Our three year old female heinz 57, well rottie, pit bull, and sheperd. She's mostly black with gold on her belly and legs. At her 1st visit the vet said she had a minimal ear infection, and gave us some drops for her. But her ears still have a foul odor, is that the infection?,or what..


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