Exercising my Dog

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How should I exercise my dog?

Exercising my Dog

There are so many wonderful ways to exercise your dog and build a close relationship. Most dogs love being active and doing things with their owners. One of the easiest ways to exercise your pet is to take a walk with her each day. If you walk briskly and go far enough, you and your pet will get a good amount of exercise. If you have a big backyard or good fenced-in area, play an active game of chase and retrieve with a ball or rubber bone, a natural for your breed of dog. You can also teach your dog to catch and return a Frisbee. The amount of chasing, jumping and returning your dog does will be good exercise. Another good way to get your dog exercise is to pick up a competitive sport. Try learning about the sport of agility. Even if you never enter the competitions, you might train your dog in some of the jumps. A long with exercise, you'll forge a stronger bond with you canine.



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