Licking the Problem

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How do I stop my dog from licking so much?

Licking the Problem

Dogs lick for a number of reasons. Puppies will often lick their littermates in a gesture of grooming. Mothers lick their puppies to help keep them clean. And adult dogs may lick as a sign of submissiveness or deference to a more dominant member of the "pack". Some dogs may just lick out of habit or because it gets them attention.

If your canine has a habit of licking you and you want to curb it, consider why she may be licking. If she's getting attention from you when she's licking, you're inadvertently rewarding her for licking. You'll have to concentrate on ignoring her when she's licking and lavishing her with attention when she's not.

To get her to stop licking the furniture, try bitter apple. It makes licking furniture and other household items less appetizing.



12/25/2011 10:22:15 AM
Judy said:

My fox terrier is 6 months old and loves to lick on people. How do I stop her from licking on people. Please help me.


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