Trimming Shelties

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How should I trim a Sheltie?

Trimming Shelties

The Shetland Sheepdog needs special care to prevent fur matting. Daily combing and brushing is a must. You should trim your Sheltie every three months or so to keep their coat in good form. • You can trim the backside or skirt of your Sheltie with thinning shears if it becomes too thick, but seek the advise of a trained professional for guidance the first time you do this. Also trim the area around the anus to keep it clean. • Mats may occasionally need to be cut around the ears. Take care not to cut your dog if you need to do this and you can relax the dog first with massaging before attempting this maneuver. • Trim the excess hair on your dog's feet to keep dirt and gravel out of their paws. Always detangle FIRST and bathe SECOND - water increases the tangles.



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