Off the Furniture

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How can I convince my dog to stay off the couch or bed?

Off the Furniture

In order to convince your canine to stay off the couch or bed, you have to create a negative reinforcement whenever he happens to jump onto furniture. As soon as he jumps on the couch or bed, give him a sharp, "No!". Firmly but gently lead the way off the furniture if necessary. If your pooch decides to sit happily at your feet while you are on the sofa, give him a reward by lavishing him with attention. It is also helpful if you give your furry friend his own comfy spot in the house where he can lounge.



4/14/2007 12:31:32 PM
Steve said:

This tip does not work. In order to keep a dog off the couch, you need to make being "off" more lucrative... invite the dog up and then entice him down with food using the "off" command. I broke my dog's habit of jumping up that way. I can't even convince her to jump up with food in my hand now.


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