Getting Enough Exercise

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How can I be sure my dog gets the exercise he needs?

Getting Enough Exercise

So how do you know if you're dog is getting enough exercise? How much exercise a dog needs depends on a few things. If your dog is an active breed, then he'll be happiest with vigorous playtime and space to run on a daily basis. Most toy breeds will be content with a short jaunt around the neighborhood once a day.

Also consider the age of your dog. A puppy often has spurts of energy and needs several opportunities to work his lungs throughout the day. An older dog is more sedentary and needs less exercise.

If your canine is restless or tearing up the house, it may be a sign that he isn't getting enough exercise. Always consider whether your dog is eating a proper amount of well-balanced meals. If he is, he should not be overweight. That could also indicate your pooch needs more time getting fit.



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