Avoiding Those Accidents

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How can I help a pup avoid accidents in the house?

Avoiding Those Accidents

If your puppy is starting to learn the rules of the house, there may be a few accidents along the way. The key is to teach your dog where to eliminate and give her sufficient opportunities to do so.

Watch your puppy as much as possible during the training period. If she does have an accident in the house, make sure you address her immediately. Tell her firmly, "No!" and then promptly take her to the appropriate elimination area. Do not wait even a minute after the incident to correct her. She won't understand why she is being scolded. Always use a firm, but gentle tone.

If you cannot be in the house, place your puppy in a crate. Remember that she is still a puppy and still does not yet have good bladder control to hold it for long periods.

Have a designated area where your puppy will go to eliminate so that she knows where to go. Always praise her for a job well done!



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