Stop Eating the Kitty Litter

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How do I stop my dog eating poop from the cat´s litterbox?

Stop Eating the Kitty Litter

If your canine seems to favor your cat's litter box, you can curb his poop eating behavior. It's a little known fact that some dogs just eat poop. This act is known as coprophagia. There is no known reason why dogs eat feces. The theories guess that dogs may do so for nutrients, because they like the taste, or due to anxiety.

The best way to correct the problem is prevention. If you can, prevent your dog from having any access to the litter box. You should also train your dog to avoid the litter box. You can monitor your dog and condition him to replace the kitty eating behavior with another one. For instance, every time he approaches the litter box, call him to "come" and give him praise. With consistency, he should learn to steer clear of the cat's box.



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