Chesapeake & Labrador Retrievers

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What is the typical behavior of Chesapeake & Labrador Retrievers?

Chesapeake & Labrador Retrievers

The Chesapeake Bay retriever and the Labrador retriever are both large sized active dogs that tend to make good family dogs due to their good disposition with children. However, there are differences between the two breeds to consider.

While the Labrador retriever tends to be an all around friendly, trainable pet, the Chesapeake is a bit more discerning. Chesapeakes are good with children if raised with them and require strict training and socialization to avoid any type of headstrong behavior. Labradors tend to want to please their owners and are generally adaptable to most situations and people of all ages.

Both breeds are happy to go out for a vigorous round of exercise and take well to the water although the Chesapeake tends to be more of a strong swimmer.



7/18/2007 5:07:35 PM
Sam said:

In learning more about our dog which has been mistaken as a Choc Lab. He fits the Chesapeake Bay Retriever to a "T" And of course we learned the hard way! Training was so difficult, he definitely is a bossy dog!! He tries to rule the roost, but we won't let him. He is highly protective as well. Loves, loves water and chasing fowl.


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