Handling a Hyper Dog

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How can I handle a big, hyper dog?

Handling a Hyper Dog

Dogs tend to jump when they are excited, attempting to get affection, or showing dominance. If you have a large breed that tends to jump during mealtimes, it's likely that he's excited about getting his meal.

With any dog, it's often a good idea to show them jumping is not an acceptable behavior. This is especially true with large and powerful breeds.

You should train your canine to sit before receiving any of his meals. Only once you have placed his dish down and given the command, should he get his food. Your large breed should learn that in every situation, he must demonstrate obedient behavior in order to be rewarded, whether it is receiving food or going for a walk.

If you have any difficulties with training your dog restraint during meal times or any other times, consider consulting with an experienced trainer to help you.



11/13/2008 7:28:58 AM
Ger Baker said:

I have two dogs, both female,an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles and a 1 year old labrador,I have now trained both dogs to sit and wait at feeding time, older dog first then two feet away then the lab. GO is the MAGIC word, everything works fine now but was a bit messy at the start,I kept at it and now you would think they ate their dinner like that all the time


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