Rawhide Chews

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Should I give my dog a rawhide chew?

Rawhide Chews

There are pros and cons to giving your dog a rawhide to chew. Rawhides come in a variety of types, including rolled, pressed, and pressed and cut.

There are benefits to rawhides. Dogs love to chew and rawhides promote a good outlet for their chewing behavior. Rawhides leave little to no mess since dogs will usually gobble every last portion. They will also keep your canine occupied for hours since they don't tire of chewing on rawhides. Rawhides will help keep your canine's teeth in good shape by reducing plaque and tartar.

Unfortunately, dogs may have a tendency to chew off a chunk of the rawhide and this can become a blockage in their stomach. Rawhides can also be full of artificial stuff. Pressed and cut versions are often laden with artificial coloring, so this is one thing to consider if you're giving it to your dog.

Always use your best judgment if you decide to give your dog a rawhide. It's best if you are around to supervise.



3/6/2008 3:30:03 PM
leigh said:

READ THIS IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOGS:I gave my 9 year old girl yorkie a rawhide one day. I hear her choking and gasping for air. She had chewed off the knot at the end of the rawhide and it got stuck in her throat, cutting off all air supply. i had to dig it out of her throat. she almost choked to death. I DO NOT recommend giving rawhides to your dogs!


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