Dispose That Waste

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How should I dispose of my dog´s waste?

Dispose That Waste

You have a few different options to dispose of your dog's waste. For lawns, consider a rake specifically designed for picking up dog waste. For taking those daily walks, it's always handy to have a dog clean-up bag. There are a variety of commercial options available from biodegradable to scented to help mask any odors. If you're interested in an environmentally friendly option for your yard, try a waste disposal system. You install a waste container on your lawn that works like a septic tank to turn dog waste into a liquid absorbed into the ground.



8/10/2007 9:26:01 AM
Ryan said:

I think this awareness is good, however, lets get rid of the idea of using plastic bags on dog walks. All of those bio bags and what claim to be biodegradable bags are not ture. they are photodegradable. Well what good is that in a landfill people. Really. Have you checked out www.skooperbox.com, they have a really cool product that is 100%biodegradable made of 100% recycled materials. It breaks down in a landfill within days. I love it and use it everyday on my St. Bernard. Good Job Skooperbox peole.


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