Smart, Easy to Train Breeds

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What breed of dog is easy to training but also smart?

Smart, Easy to Train Breeds

Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren wrote a book called "The Intelligence of Dogs" where he details three criteria for rating canine intelligence. They include adaptive intelligence, which assesses problem solving ability, instinctive intelligence, which is an inherent trait specific to the dog, and working intelligence, which assesses the responsiveness to commands.

His list of dogs with the best working intelligence are breeds that are smart and easy to train. These dogs learned new commands with no more than 5 repetitions and obeyed commands the first time they were given at least 95% of the time. Here is his top 10 list:

1 - Border Collie
2 - Poodle
3 - German Shepherd
4 - Golden Retriever
5 - Doberman Pinscher
6 - Shetland Sheepdog
7 - Labrador Retriever
8 - Papillon
9 - Rottweiler
10 - Australian Cattle Dog



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