Small Breeds for a New Dog Owner

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Where can I find information on smaller breeds of dogs?

Small Breeds for a New Dog Owner

If you're new to dogs and you're searching for that perfect toy or small breed, you've still got a lot of things to consider. The range of small breeds is quite broad. Some are friendly, fun loving dogs, some aloof and independent. Take the time to carefully consider what your individual needs are and how each breed might fit into your lifestyle.

Here are some suggestions:

If you're looking for a spunky, energetic breed, try a terrier. Keep in mind that these dogs have been known to be quite feisty and stubborn. The Yorkshire terrier, West Highland white terrier, and Manchester terrier are good options.

If you want an all around companion who would love to spend time on your lap consider the pug, Maltese, or Lhasa Apso.

For a small dog that is still likes to be active, consider the Beagle, dachshund, or toy or miniature American Eskimo.

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