Q&A: Puppy Barking

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How do I teach a puppy to come?

Q&A: Puppy Barking

Q: How can I get my 15-week-old puppy to stop barking when we are all in the room together, mainly at night watching TV or socializing?

A: It appears that the puppy is excited to have its family or "pack" together, perhaps after many of you have been gone during the day. The pup is talking to you, trying to get your attention, trying to get you to play with him. This is normal behavior for a pup.

One approach is to teach the pup a specific behavior that gains him attention, but requires that he be quiet and under control. You need to start teaching that away from the evening gathering, so the pup isn't confused. "Come" and "sit" and "down" are good starters for a young dog. Show the pup what to do, then praise with a treat or an affectionate pat. Don't practice too long as a pup will get bored.

Once the pup is responding consistently, you can begin to use that in the evening. But only give the pup your attention if he comes, sits or lies down and is quiet. If he continues barking, you then need to ignore him. Given him none of the attention he craves. Usually a pup will learn that barking gains him nothing, and will stop the behavior.

Be patient. Give the pup time to learn. But remember that you must be consistent. If the pup continues excessive barking, you may need to exclude him from the evening socializing for a few days, so that he learns to appreciate being with you. I'm convinced you'll succeed if you work on this situation with affection for the dog.

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8/11/2011 12:13:34 AM
unknown? said:

i hope it works! my dog barks all night and finally gives up around 12:00! i hate it! so i will try this out! thanks! by the way my dog is a cockapoo!


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