Q&A: Trimming Puppies' Nails

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How do I trim my puppy’s nails?

Q&A: Trimming Puppies' Nails

Q: How do I trim my puppy's nails? I'm nervous about this process.

A: Lots of people are nervous about trimming their dogs' nails, but as long as you are prepared and careful, you'll do fine. Even if you nip a bit of the live part of the nail, you can apply pressure to the nail and the bleeding will stop.

If you're still uncomfortable doing this, I urge you to have your veterinarian or veterinary technician do it once while you're watching, so you can see the technique first hand. That really helps.

Also remember that if you can walk your puppy on a sidewalk or other hard surface on a regular basis, the pup's nails will be worn down naturally so you'll have to trim them far less often.

Here is a helpful step-by-step article with more details on nail trimming and the equipment you'll need:



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