Fear of Thunder and Lightning

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My dog is very afraid of thunder and lighning. Any ideas for a cure?

Fear of Thunder and Lightning

It is not uncommon for a canine to exhibit fear of loud noises. They may find it over stimulating and disconcerting.

It is important not to inadvertently reinforce your dog's fear by showering him with attention and attempting to soothe him during a thunderstorm. Your dog may continue to exhibit fear in order to get additional attention from you.

One way to alleviate your dog's fear is to desensitize him by continued exposure to thunder and lightening. Another method is to condition him to respond in a different manner to lightening. You may continually reward him for showing signs of calmness during a thunderstorm. If he has the tendency to pace during thunder and lightening, you want to reward him for being able to sit still at that time.



9/14/2006 12:27:41 PM
ve said:

Hi I have a small jack russell (bitch) she has a real fear of lighning/fire works.
Ive tried tablets didnt do any thing,I even just purchased a cd noises,but its the flashing she tries to jump up fence & she gets so she runs round barking etc-
I cant let her out now if there is lightning/fire works she gets so stressfull.
She gets herself is such a state.
Ive tried allsorts -safe place/dark room noise cd.any ideas please as dread oct/nov

10/2/2006 7:08:07 PM
Grace said:

We adopted an abused dog from Ar. to MA, the first storm we shared with hin was horribly sad. He did know we were getting the storm before we did, we went to our vet whom pres. valium 10mg, but ad an reverse reaction. After a period of time, we realized that we had to keep all the doors in the house open, he went out 1 door, in the other, out the other and so on... until the storm passed and he was exhausted and so were we. I think the storm made him feel trapped for some reason, wether it was from his past or just in his personality! It does work, but the house does get verrrry cooold, especially in Massachusetts!!!! Good Luck


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