Soiling the Owner's Bed

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How can I stop my dog from peeing and pooping on our bed?

Soiling the Owner's Bed

In order to keep your dog from soiling your bed, you need to find out what the cause is and then take steps to remedy your dog's problem. First make sure that your dog does not have any medical condition that causes him to eliminate in the house. Always make sure that your canine has plenty of opportunities to go outside and eliminate.

Then, your next step, if your dog is perfectly healthy, is to thoroughly clean your bedding and eliminate any evidence of odors that could lure your dog back to marking the same area. You need to be very vigilant in watching your dog to make sure that he does not continue to use your bed as an elimination area. If he is caught, correct him in a firm tone of voice immediately during the incident and not a minute later. Then take him to an area where he should eliminate.

It's helpful to create a consistent routine so that your dog knows when he can go outside. If you cannot watch your dog for a few hours when you are not home, either place him in an enclosed area of the kitchen or crate him until he has learned not to eliminate in the house.



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