Q&A: Peeing in
Crate Overnight

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Is there a way to stop a puppy from peeing in its kennel overnight?

Q&A: Peeing in
Crate Overnight

Q: Is there a way to stop a puppy from peeing in its kennel or crate overnight?

A: Young puppies really can't hold their small bladders very long, so peeing in a kennel overnight is quite normal. You can reduce the problem by creating a pattern of feeding, drinking water and trips outside to pee that "empty" the pup pretty well before bedtime.

This means feeding its last meal no later thank around 5 or 6 p.m., restricting water consumption in the late evening, and taking the pup out both soon after it eats and just before bed time. And more often if the pup signals a need.

Here is a step by step outline of housetraining a puppy that is worth reading:



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