Vomiting Water

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If my dog vomits water after drinking quickly, is this a real problem?

Vomiting Water

If your dog is vomiting his food and water after a meal, there is no need to panic immediately. At times, vomiting after meals can occur if your dog eats too quickly. If that is the case, then you can take steps to slow your dog down by feeding him by hand or feeding him out of a muffin pan.

Don't confuse vomiting with spitting up a meal. If your dog is truly vomiting, he'll act restless, salivate, lick his lips, and then the food will forcefully come out due to contractions in the stomach.

If a dog tries to vomit unsuccessfully, that's a sign of trouble. When in doubt, don't delay - call and/or take him to your veterinarian immediately.



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