Q&A: Ache of Teething

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How can I ease the ache of teething for my puppy?

Q&A: Ache of Teething

Q: How can I ease the ache of teething for my puppy?

A: There are several things you can do to help a puppy whose adult teeth are coming in and appears to be experiencing some discomfort.

First, you should provide safe chew toys such as tough nylon bones for your dog. This can help as the teeth come through. Then, you might try giving your dog ice cubes or a frozen wet cloth such as a washcloth, as these cold items can help ease the ache of teething. This is rather like giving a baby a frozen teething ring.

Here is a helpful online article on dog teething:

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8/23/2006 10:16:10 PM
Fran Howell said:

My 10 month old Golden has started bitting and chewing and druling again. Does he have more teeth coming in?


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