Puppy Conjunctivitis

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What is puppy conjunctivitis?

Puppy Conjunctivitis

Occasionally, puppies develop an infection called conjunctivitis before their eyes are ready to open. The eyelids will become red and swollen with possible discharge. In such situations, the eyelids may need to be gently pried apart to drain the pus and allow application of eyewash and an antibacterial ointment. If you think your newborn puppy may have conjunctivitis, please consult your veterinarian. This is a serious condition that can cause blindness if not treated properly.

This inflammation of the eye also affects adult dogs. Possible causes are bacteria, viruses, deficient tear ducts, and foreign objects in the eyes.



9/30/2008 7:57:53 AM
Soffia Kwaszenko said:

Thanks for this infor it is the only piece I have been able to find about this problem. But I would like to know, if a neonatal pups eye does become infected and is opened at say 6 days of age, will it cause blindness in that eye.

5/25/2011 2:35:36 PM
Amy said:

Thankyou vet appointment has been booked for tomorrow for all pups and mum eventhough only one puppy is showing the signs :-/ poor little guy is going to have to have his eyes prised open :( but he will be 13 days old tomorrow and he is trying to open his poorly eye so it shouldnt hurt him (I HOPE)


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