The Halti Collar

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What is a Halti?

The Halti Collar

A halti collar is a nylon harness that attaches loosely around a dog's muzzle and snaps behind the ears. This collar operates on the idea that a dog's body must follow wherever his head goes. If you're using a halti collar, it allows you to gently apply pressure to direct where your dog's head points. In other words, you can direct your dog without pulling strongly on the leash. The halti collar has been used to train guide dogs in recent years due to its effectiveness as a training tool.



8/31/2008 3:46:30 AM
Peter said:

I have found the Halti to be a fantastic option for my Springer Spaniel. No more pulling, no more choking, no more yanking this way and that. He's happy and I'm happy. When it's time for a walk he willingly holds his face up. It causes no pain or inconvenience and he can move freely. It's also good for keeping him in check whenever there is an aggressive dog nearby.


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