Lure Your Dog into Sitting

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How can I train my dog to sit without pushing on him?

Lure Your Dog into Sitting

If you own a breed prone to hip dysplasia or if you are simply looking for a hands-free method for training your dog to sit, luring may be the option you are looking for.

Start by holding a small food treat in front of your dog's nose and slowly raise your hand up and over his head. As his head rises up and leans back his rump should lower. As soon as his bottom touches the floor, praise him and give him the food reward. If your dog backs up to keep the treat in view, try luring him to sit in a spot where he cannot reverse. For instance have him sit in front of a piece of furniture or wall. When you are sure that your dog will sit for the lure, teach him to associate the action with the word “sit”.



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