Should I Litter Train?

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Can a dog be trained to use a litter box?

Should I Litter Train?

Litter training, like any other form of housebreaking, requires, patience, consistency, and a great deal of diligence with your puppy. Make sure that your puppy learns that the litter box is where she should eliminate and create a consistent routine for her to have potty breaks there. Try taking her for a potty break first thing in the morning, after meals, before bedtime, and in the middle of the night, if necessary. If you cannot watch her, have an alternate plan, such as a crate to place her in. Always let her out frequently to allow her to relieve herself. Occasionally, you may get a dog who thinks the pellets are better for chewing on than using for elimination. In that case, you might consider paper training or another method of housebreaking.



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