Household Marking Woes

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Why is my dog urinating on my bed?

Household Marking Woes

Is your housetrained canine suddenly peeing in the house? Unfortunately, sometimes even housetrained dogs will urinate to mark their territory. You'll know he's marking if it's a small spray of urine instead of the normal flow you would see if he were relieving himself. The first thing to do is to rule out any health problems like incontinence or a urinary tract infection. If your dog is indeed marking, it could be due to insecurity or separation anxiety. Consider if there have been any major changes in his environment that could cause stress. One way to help curb the problem is remove any urine odor where your dog has marked. Here's a homemade recipe to do just that:

• Add one part vinegar and one part water. Mix and apply to the messy area.



12/10/2008 10:02:50 PM
Tasia said:

HELP my dog has been peeing while laying on my bed, the couch even her own lil bed! Is it incontinence? She is only 41/2 years old and just started doind this 3 days ago it's really bad i may have to give her away! I have a 9mo old baby and can't have this around her all the time. What can i do i put a diaper on her but she gets that off eventually and the entire time she is wearing it she wines!


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