A Fitting Collar

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How do I know if my dog´s collar is the right size?

A Fitting Collar

To find a collar that correctly fits your dog, take a measurement of her neck. Use a soft tape measure or string that you can place against a ruler. Take that measurement and purchase a collar that is in the neck size range for your dog. To know if you've bought the right size the collar, check if you are able to fit up to two fingers underneath your dog's collar. However, the collar should not be so loose as to slip over your dog's head. Even better? Take your puppy or dog to the pet store with you and try on several until you find one that fits correctly. NEVER use a collar and lead for breeds that are known for collapsing tracheas (such as Chihuahuas) - ALWAYS use halters for these breeds when on lead!



4/4/2007 3:51:41 PM
bekah said:

i think it is a poor decision to have a collar on a dog that is too tight to be able to come off the dog's head. both of my boys have collars that, with a little work, will slip of their heads. the point of the collar is to get my dog back when he gets out accidentally. if my dog likes playing (which most dogs do), there is a chance he could get caught on something by his collar. therefore, i have a collar on him to show ownership, but decided to get him chipped too. now if he gets loose and his collar comes off there is still a way to identify him. i have also given him a way to get free if he gets caught on soemthing in my neighborhood or in the woods near my house. from personal experience, one of my dogs (110lb black lab) was swimming in a lake a couple years ago. i was kayaking ahead of him when his collar got caught on a log floating in the water. by the time i got up to him he was able to work his head out of the collar. if he hadn't i still don't know how i would have gotten him off the log. nor can i phathom how i could get him to shore if he were to have started drowning.


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