Cause of Ear Infections

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How can I tell if my dog has an ear infection?

Cause of Ear Infections

A dog typically gets an ear infection when yeast and bacteria grow in the ear. In order to prevent this, make sure you clean your canine's ears on a regular basis with a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide or a commercial ear cleaner for dogs. Another way your canine might get an ear infection is through ear mites. These microscopic organisms live in the ear canals of your dog and are very contagious.



4/7/2008 8:09:20 PM
kathy said:

Our dog groomer gave us the recipe for ear cleaner using hydrogen peroxide. When we told the Vet about this, he said "NO... NEVER USE THAT!" Why? is it because they just want to make money selling the same thing in a prescription bottle?


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