Kennel or Pet Sitter

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Boarding kennel or pet sitter?

Kennel or Pet Sitter

You're getting ready to travel and it's time to decide what to do with your pooch. Should you kennel him or hire a pet sitter?

Here's a few things to consider. You are better off boarding your dog if:

• Your dog cannot be left home alone for 8 hours or more.
• Your dog has separation anxiety or boredom issues that would cause him to wreck the house.
• Your dog needs more medical attention than can be provided by the pet sitter. (Board him at a vet kennel).

Remember that even if you do decide to board your dog, you have many more options than the kennels of yesterday. Today's boarding accommodations often give your canine open areas for roaming, daily walks, playtime, and accommodate specific feeding needs. You can even sign your dog up for canine massage, spa baths, and extra socialization time.

A pet sitter would be ideal for the dog who's perfectly comfortable at home and would do fine as long as he gets his meals, potty breaks, and a walk for the day.



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